A new and fresh design has been long overdue for Safarista Design! I’ve been working a lot with Divi Elegant Themes lately, and that is exactly what I used to five Safarista a new garment. It’s just pure joy to use Divi, though all the design elements you see, are all done by me. A nice clean look, which is also compatible for mobile phones and tablets. It’s still work in progress, but the majority is finished.

Funny thing was, that I had designed quite a corporate looking website at first. Then my 10 year old daughter came by the computer, took one look and said, it needed more color! So color we have now! After redoing it with bright teal and pink/purple, we are both happy! Not to mention the other children, from whom I got a big “Whauuu” 🙂 Nothing better than showing your work to your children! So here we go, leave your comments, what you think? Good, inspiring, energetic, youthful? I do have to say, it’s loads easier to look youthful on the screen than in real life!